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    Tuesday, January 15, 2013

    Lynda.com - HTML5 Course - Full Free Download

    Lynda.com - HTML5 Course - Full

    English | ISO | 2.97GB 

    Genre: eLearning 

    In HTML5 First Look, author James Williamson introduces the newest HTML specification, providing a high-level overview of HTML5 in its current state, how it differs from HTML 4, the current level of support in various browsers and mobile devices, and how the specification might evolve in the future. Exercise files accompany the course.

    Lynda.com - HTML5: Geolocation in Depth
    Lynda.com - HTML5: Managing Browser History
    Lynda.com - HTML5: Drag and Drop in Depth
    Lynda.com - HTML5: Local Storage and Offline Applications in Depth
    Lynda.com - HTML5: Web Forms in Depth
    Lynda.com - HTML5: Structure, Syntax, and Semantics
    Lynda.com - Dreamweaver CS5: Getting Started with HTML5
    Lynda com HTML5 Video and Audio in Depth

    Introduction3m 56s

    Welcome1m 1s  
    Using the exercise files1m 50s  
    Who is this course for?1m 5s  

    1. Introducing HTML521m 12s

    Exploring prior standards4m 26s  
    Why do we need HTML5?3m 32s  
    HTML5 timeline4m 24s  
    Current HTML5 support4m 25s  
    What HTML5 is (and what it isn't)4m 25s  

    2. What's New in HTML5?27m 49s

    HTML5 vs. HTML43m 25s  
    New structural tags6m 1s  
    New content tags4m 7s  
    New application-focused tags5m 32s  
    Deprecated elements4m 28s  
    API overview4m 16s  

    3. Creating HTML5 Documents22m 29s

    Content models5m 33s  
    Understanding the outline algorithm3m 21s  
    The role of ‹div› tags4m 20s  
    Using ID and class attributes2m 6s  
    DOCTYPE declarations4m 16s  
    Character encoding2m 53s  

    4. Structuring HTML5 Documents41m 27s

    Basic page structure3m 40s  
    Structuring top-level elements7m 30s  
    Structuring interior content8m 42s  
    Building headers9m 11s  
    Checking document outlines5m 46s  
    Ensuring cross-browser structure6m 38s  

    5. Building Forms in HTML527m 53s

    New input types5m 57s  
    Setting form autofocus2m 53s  
    Using placeholder data4m 4s  
    Marking required fields3m 24s  
    Working with number inputs5m 49s  
    Using date pickers5m 46s  

    6. HTML5 API Support1h 1m

    Canvas overview6m 21s  
    Adding canvas content8m 58s  
    Drawing in the canvas environment12m 9s  
    Drag-and-drop API overview6m 18s  
    Offline applications overview7m 11s  
    Video overview5m 45s  
    Encoding video8m 23s  
    Adding video5m 58s  

    7. Associated Technologies57m 33s

    Geolocation API overview5m 50s  
    Web storage API overview5m 40s  
    WebSockets overview4m 16s  
    CSS3 overview6m 38s  
    Enhancing typography with CSS37m 42s  
    Using @font-face7m 11s  
    Styling HTML5 with CSS310m 23s  
    Using CSS3 transitions9m 53s  

    Conclusion5m 6s

    Final thoughts3m 49s  
    Goodbye1m 17s  

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