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    Tuesday, January 15, 2013

    Stardock Start8 v1.0.3a - Full Free Download

    Stardock Start8 v1.0.3a - Full / Pre-Activated Start8 v1.03a (Fixed Installer) 
    Incl. Patch-Painter 
    Released : January 07, 2012

    Windows 8 is the operating system launched by Microsoft in 2012, and one of its innovations was the removal of the traditional Start Menu. Considering there are numerous people all over the world who are very much used to Relying on this tool on a daily basis, the software developers have started creating alternatives, v.d. Start8. The installation process of Start8 need not be completed without any issues and users can get A brand new Start Menu for Their Windows 8 PC within minutes. The newly-generated Start Menu bear a striking resemblance to the one included in Windows 7, allowing users to Easily search for Their programs, access the Control Panel, open the Documents, Pictures and Music folders or to explore the games. It also provides users with power options, gồm restart, log off, sleep, hibernate or switch user accounts. Users can access the Configuration window of Start8 when They want to experiment with different styles of the Start Menu, until They are fully satisfied with the result. As Such, They can choose the Windows 7 style or They can opt for the Windows 8 one, mà integrates elements of the Start Screen (without making it full screen, as the real one). Users can personalize the entries of Their Start Menu, by modifying the default shortcuts and adding new ones, compared as to thể Easily Access Their favorite folders, apps or games. It is also possible to change the default behavior of the power button. Start8 provides users with additional customization options, Including the look of the Start button as users can select a custom image of Their Own to make sure it matches the OS theme. To sum up, Start8 can help users bring back vài Windows features They might miss when upgrading to Windows 8, như directly accessing the desktop rather than the Start Screen when logging in or the Start Menu. Those who want to try Start8 can do so for a limited period of time and purchase a license if chúng pleased with the app's functions.

    Full changelog for the v1.03a update. 

    - Fix for a rare text repaint issue 
    - Added in support for right click dragging off the startmenu to create shortcuts on the desktop 
    - Modification to stop applications with . in their name from being truncated on the all programs list 
    - Modification to stop Browser choice metro app from being shown as "ser choice" if pinned / frequent apps list. 
    - The update button will not detect this version right now. In app it will show as 1.03, but you can confirm you have the version by simply clicking on a start menu shortcut with the right mouse button and dragging to the desktop. When you release the mouse you should get a menu asking about creating a shortcut 

    Start8 1.09 BETA Changelog 

    - NEW! Folders pinned to the Start Menu allow you to view the first X items as a jumplist 
    - NEW! Custom places locations.(Add a dropbox location for example). 
    - NEW! Improved "Go straight to desktop" on login feature 
    - NEW! UI supports translation via lng files. See \lang\en.lng file for info. 
    - Added rename support in the tree 
    - Added drag & drop including rearranging items in the all programs tree 
    - Search box now allows %appdata% 
    - Tweaks to "Search" to reduce memory usage slightly 
    - Performance enhancements in the all programs tree to work around a flaw in Windows Defender 
    - Resolved a problem with the Start Menu position when the taskbar was on the right and there is a docked app 
    - "Send to sub menu" now allowed on the tree right click menu 
    - Tree now includes hidden items 
    - When using the search box to view folders, the performance is now improved 
    - "Places" menus no longer select the first entry 
    - Option to make "Places" list entries and take less room, thus allowing more to show in less space 
    - Rearranging pinned shortcuts is now faster 
    - "Recent Items" list no longer includes folders 
    - Deleting an item from the "All Programs" list will delete it instantly from the tree vs waiting until the next refresh 
    - Fixed issue with Putty and jumplist not showing blank entries which did not launch the right things 
    - Fixed issue with Live Photo Gallery not opening images up in preview mode 
    - Added registry key option to hide tooltips in the Start Menu. This is HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Stardock\Start8\Start8.ini\Start8\HideTips = 1 

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