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    Sunday, May 5, 2013

    Freelance Confidential - Amanda Hackwith PDF Ebook Free Download

    Freelance Confidential - Amanda Hackwith PDF Ebook Free Download

    What this Book’s All About

    Freelancing is a solitary pursuit by nature. Frequently, you are

    working in isolation from a home office (or the occasional coffee
    shop). Even if you are contracted to work on site, freelancers are
    often relegated to outside the community of the workplace. We’re
    transitory, temporary. We’re “other.”

    As Editor of FreelanceSwitch, one of my most rewarding exper­
    iences has been to witness online spaces where communities
    of freelancers can share experiences, advice, and questions. It
    is important to have spaces where freelancers are no longer an
    “Other.” Instead, they’re “Us.”

    Frequently, in these discussions, the same questions always come
    up. “How much do you charge?” “Where do you find your clients?”
    Freelancers want to know. We need that information. We want to
    see how we’re doing compared to others and how we can improve.



    Meet the Experts

    The 2010 Survey: Portrait of a Freelancer

    Identity: Who is Freelancing
    Career and Income
    Experience and Education
    Client Work

    Answering the BIG Questions

    Six Realities Every Freelancer Faces

    Reality #1: Success is a personal goal.
    Reality #2: The majority of any business is not the
    creative work, it’s the business maintenance,
    and it’s just as important.
    Reality #3: Being a freelancer is being in the business
    of selling yourself.
    Reality #4: The best kind of “marketing” is activity
    and quality work.
    Reality #5: Diversity is the best kind of security.
    Reality #6: Freelancing can be a springboard to other

    Know the Myths of Success

    The Myth of Security
    The Myth of Income and Satisfaction
    The Myth of Work-Life Balance
    The Myth of… Happiness?
    Defining Your Own Success
    Learning from Myths


    Expand with Engagement, Not Marketing

    Marketing is Not the Enemy…
    … But Do Less Marketing, More Engaging
    Improve Your Portfolio
    Use Social Media to Engage
    The Bottom Line

    Expand Your Business by Diversifying

    Diversify to Succeed
    Your Clients
    Your Projects
    Your Skills
    Next Steps for Diversity
    Just Get Started!

    Expand with Passive Income

    Selling Stock
    Direct Sale Products
    Build Your Blog Into a Brand

    Building Support: Family and Colleagues

    Family and Loved Ones
    Colleague Support

    The Future of Freelancing: An Interview
    with Collis Ta’eed

    Freelance Survey Results

    Work Experience
    Clients and Projects
    Income and Compensation
    Additional Income Statistics



    Thank You

    Appendix: Further Reading and Resources 128

    Notable Tutorials, Blogs, Sites
    Stock Marketplaces
    eBook Publishing
    Job Boards
    Design Galleries
    Portfolio Services

    About The Author


    Freelance Confidential - Amanda Hackwith PDF Ebook Free Download

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